Testimonials | NDC Executive Certification


What They’ve Said

“The NDC Executive Certification Program exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I thought I would glean a few nuggets but I walked away with so much more. The conversation was rich and the coursework was engaging. I learned so much from the speakers and participants. I am confident that I will be able to implement what I learned immediately.”

“This work is new to our organization and I feel that this designation will bring a degree of legitimacy to the work that I’m doing. I also feel that the investment in this designation is an indication of the importance of the work being done to shift our culture.”

“It is good that we are required to do the plan immediately and meeting with a coach will help me be more accountable and ask questions specific to me.”

“I was thoroughly pleased with the presentations and discussion topics, the concepts were relevant to all business aspects. The leadership development plan will keep me on track beyond the expected time of completion. I highly recommend the NDC Certification Program. Thank you NDC for implementing this certification.”

“This program provided me with evidence-based information that I need to move my DEIB work forward in my organization.”